The Spiritual Rights Movement

"Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit", says the Lord of host.

                                                Zechariah 4:6b



Prophetic Words:
Pastor Tony Cavener BLACK GOLD (first published in 1996), As a son of Oklahoma and Texas I grew up hearing oil referred to as "black gold". The "black gold" of oil in Oklahoma and Texas was the source of those two states greatest wealth. I believe our Lord has also deposited a great wealth in our nation, a glorious deposit of "Black Gold", black men and women who will be the "oil" in the cities of America that will fuel revival as the Lord's fire falls in our land.
The Lord gave me a picture of His hand gathering and preserving for Himself a remnant of "Black Gold" from Islamic Africa over 300 years ago....this remnant became acquainted with the "fellowship of His sufferings" and knew the lash and of slavery. In their affliction they sowed fields in America that, when ripe, would be "White for the Harvest", (in the natural fields of cotton).
Through their affliction they developed a rich history of faith in Christ, they were gifted with rich songs of hope, and a dignity born out of trial and suffering, a history that saw emancipation in the 1860's and liberation in the 1960's with the emergence of a gifted and prophetic leader in the Reverend Martin Luther King. No matter how modern church historians record his life, he truly was a man raised up by God for a crucial hour in the history of this nation.
 Now 30 years later it is time for us to intercede and pray for God to raise up the anointed, broken, humble, and gifted black men and women who, through His hand, will ignite the "Black Gold" in the cities of America!
A Wind of Mercy
We have seen the "Black Gold" ignited by the enemy through the torch of hatred, agony, and prejudice, when we watched Los Angeles burn with hatred after the Rodney King trial in the early nineties. I believe this past October, (at the same time the hurricane Opal blew from the Gulf of Mexico into Canada in 24 hours!) a wind of mercy blew from the throne of God with a "not guilty" verdict in the O.J. trial. Regardless of anyone's opinions (and that's what they are, for there is only one Judge, and let's leave judgment in His eternal hands), God had mercy on this nation and kept the fires of "hatred" at bay!

Time to Intercede!

Let's seize the window of opportunity that the Lord has graciously handed us and pray for the fire of God's revival to ignite the precious "Black Gold" that he deposited in this country over 300 years ago. Some precious people, white and black, have been called to leave all and pour out their lives in caring for the poor of the inner cities but they tend to be in the minority. However the black community as a whole is still un-impacted and I believe will be until we repent of our arrogance and pride as seeing the white church as the equippers of the blacks and cry out in prayer and intercession for the Lord himself to raise up anointed black men and women, to be leaders and equippers of the church. Broken, humble, black leaders filled with His Spirit, a passion for Christ, compassion for their people, love for His church, and a fervent hope for revival for all the people of this Nation!
I believe as this takes place we will see the precious "Black Gold" deposited by the Lord in this country over 300 years ago ignite the cities of America with the passionate flames of revival as this world has never seen! The beginning of this century saw the flames of" Pentecostal revival" break out in Los Angeles at a place called Azusa Street in meetings led by humble, anointed "black leaders", and from this Azusa Street Revival was birthed the great Pentecostal Denominations we know today, as well as the Charismatic Renewal! I believe it is in God's heart to see the end of this century burn with the flames of an even greater "Pentecostal revival" as the "Black Gold" of this nation catches fire for God. Just as at the beginning of this century the "Black Gold" ignited the whole church in revival fire so we are poised now for the torch of God's passion to ignite the "Black Gold" again!
As the black forefathers of our nation planted and sowed with tears and suffering the fields of white in this land centuries ago, and our black "mother's" wept over their own children of which they were bereaved, and loved and nurtured the children, not their own, entrusted to their care, let's pray that their heirs will reap in joy the spiritual fields that are even now "white unto harvest", and nurture and bring forth in mighty revival the children who are spiritual heirs to the Kingdom of God in this nation of ours.

Our Posture in This Hour

Let us continue to receive with great joy and passion the Lord's gracious outpouring of renewal, yet at the same time let us assume a posture of humility and repentance for our arrogance, pride, and fear and recognize that as a nation we were built on the foundations of both "black and white". As the church in this nation we will see revival only as we accept that we as "black and white" brothers and sisters are "joint heirs to the promises of God" one "new man in Christ" and indeed are co-laborers in the fields of harvest together as equals in the Kingdom of God! 

Prophet Chuck Pierce 2000
He had all the African Americans stand up at a particular service in the Atlanta, Georgia area and pronounced a Joseph anointing on them.

Prophet Chuck Pierce 2001 in Oklahoma City
"I just say go forth in prayer, for I will supernaturally orchestrate a gathering of black men and black women throughout this nation into Tulsa. And I say it will change the religious structure of this land saith the Lord".

Joseph Ginat-Oklahoma City
I would say to you because you have welcomed covenant into your midst. I will now over turn the racial riots that have plagued this particular land, saith the Lord. I say there will be new churches begin to arise and I say Afro-Americans will begin to go forth, and I say there will be a great release of Afro-Americans throughout this state said the Lord.

Prophet Chuck Pierce June 2005
We were on a financial prayer journey in New York, at dinner that night there were 6 of us. Prophetic Chuck looked at me and began speaking prophetically. He said the African Americans will be the next group to rise up. If you don't go into a religious structure or put color before the gospel you will cause this nation to do well. But if you go into a religious structure and put color before the gospel you will cause this nation to be lost. You don't have to try and take anything God has given you leadership. You have the Joseph anointing.

Prophetic Chuck Pierce October 2005
Given to an African American woman at Zion Ministries, And the Lord would say to you daughter I have held your people for a time such as this. There is a Joseph anointing within them that will began to be released right now. For they have a sound of victory in the midst of war; for they had to harden themselves to circumstances. Even now there is much confusion and much realignment needed and I will deal with it for this could be a people that could go astray at this time. 

Chuck Pierce Summary-African-American Prophecy Oct. 2, 2006
Atlanta is, "I believe" - well based on what the Lord said last night, it's more than I can comprehend.
This is what I saw: I saw Him go blow on the root of revolution, where revolution started in our nation up north. You can go back and look at some of those revolutionary places that occurred in the northern part of our nation that produced a revolution of freedom in this country.  I saw the Lord blow on that, but He said; now I'm going to blow the seeds of revolution South.  And I saw this area becoming the headquarters of a major revolution that would change the course of this nation.  I don't know exactly how to define the aspect of that revolution yet, on what that's going to be here, but it was very clear.  When it hit Atlanta it mingled with the seeds of revolution of the Civil Rights Movement.  The phase of it that began 40 years ago came to an end this past February. Now this will create a whole new type of movement that causes our nation to go in the direction of its future.
  I believe we are at that place in these next two years.  I see Black America rising up and leading our nation and with that, that is going to create a revolution. But it's going to create a revolution in a different way than we think because what will happen is the cultures of Black America will clash. Now hear me.  That's where the clash is going to come.  It will be a religious clash in the midst of the Black culture and we will have to choose how we align with that clash. It is almost like you will have to bring us in to war with you, I'm speaking to Black America and its leadership.  And that is how our nation will begin to take its course for the future.  Because we still have not come into the concept of the religious war we are involved in.  We've got to see lots of changes come. I don't even want to call it a religious war, we're in a covenant war.  In the midst of this covenant war - that's what God said in October 2000, that we would be in war by September the 18th 2001, it would be a covenant war and the first hit would come on New York City.  The reason this could be so accurately prophesied was because there were more Jews in New York City at that time than in Israel.

Kim Clement December 30, 2006
God says, "In the death of the grandfather of soul, a nation, a generation of African Americans, shall rise up, and they shall preach; they shall preach with a style that has never been heard before. They shall be the perpetrators and the creators of a brand new soul spirit sound, that shall reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable," says the Lord of Hosts.